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Kirstie Lovelady - Cheetah Coat
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i apologize in advance for my "not professional" bio... 

i'm really awkward, i'm sorry. it's a lot of pressure to come up with the perfect wording in a not too short/not too long format that is going to impress you! plus, i do most of my talking and "bio writing" in the songs i write.. (like that shameless plug there?? ;) ) but really, it's true.

writing, singing, and playing music are my life. i love it. almost as much as i also love my dog. i still have yet to meet a human that’s cooler than my dog. i’m naturally a homebody mostly because of him. but also because of ice cream. i pretty much live off of ice cream, ramen noodles, and watermelon (had to be healthy in there somewhere!).

i also have that typical girl syndrome where i really like shopping. but you probably wouldn't know that if you saw me in public because i'm way too busy wearing sweatpants and workout clothes. and i wish i could say it's because i was just working out. i probably use more emoticons in text messages than i actually do words. especially the "monkey hands over face" one. and the middle finger... (sorry, mom!)

when i get really nervous, my southern accent comes out super obnoxiously. when i feel really uncomfortable and awkward, i'm uncomfortably and awkwardly sarcastic. it wasn’t that i was the worst at sports growing up, it’s just that i had two sisters who were literally the best. so i defaulted to one thing neither of them couldn’t do: music. 

i fell in love with songwriting when i fell in love with country music. there’s a level of emotion in a johnny cash record that just can’t be duplicated in my eyes. i fell in love with the stage when i fell in love with rock music. i’ve spent years trying to find my identity in a specific genre. i’ve learned over the years that you can’t force a song to be something that it’s not. and you can’t force an artist to be who they’re not.

a new beginning means a new journey, which means newww musiccc. i can’t wait to share with y’all what we have coming up! 

if you’re still reading this and you’re not my mom, i’m super impressed ;) haha but for real, thank you for your support and your constant love.


forever grateful, xoxo


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